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Hey guys, im going to offer up breedables again, but this time im changing how I do it. I will put up three different characters here every week, plus a mystery option, and you can either mix them, or mix one with one of your characters. There will only be five slots open at a time and reopen often. These are free, HOWEVER, you only get a select amount of the offspring, after that you need to pay for any more. And pick a number between 1-5 or leave it to me to choose how many.

PLEASE NOTE you may only get one breeding every 2 months!


Characters available:
Angelica(female) by Fawnspirit24
Spiraled Mist(female) by Fawnspirit24
Neon Lights(m) by Fawnspirit24


Fawnspirit24's Profile Picture
United States
Looking for adoptables? Take a look at my adopt account! SpiritBlaze-Adopts

SerenityxKurimu - OPEN! by SpiritBlaze-AdoptsElegance Adopt   Open by SpiritBlaze-Adopts

This is who I am. I am who I am - EssyExclusive by stamps-club Deal with it.

Bi and Proud of it by silver-lunar-eclipse Yes. I like both guys and girls, but mostly girls. Got a problem with it? Kindly leave the same way you came without one word.

Animal lover. by Monster-Boar I am an animal lover! I could never turn down an animal in need, no matter what anyone says. Animal cruelty is WRONG. Big or small, they all matter.

love music stamp - Fire-Feline by stamps-club Music is my life. It has been my comfort when I am down, or just need a little boost!

Geek Pride - holls by stamps-club I am definitely a geek! Electronics.. ARE. MY. LIFE.

Request - No Undo Button by stamps-club

I Love Using Sparkles Stamp by stamps-club Sparkles are awesome. Nuff said.

Internet Addict - SafariSyd by stamps-club Tis my life.

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I Support My Friends - holls by stamps-club FOREVER AND ALWAYS. Mess with them, I kill you.

Teddy stamp - findyQ by stamps-club WOO! FlUfFyNeSs OvErLoAd

You Just WHAT by stamps-club OF COURSE! ;D

Support Our Troops-houstonaxl by stamps-club ALWAYS support those people who are fighting away from their families and putting their lives on the line to keep YOUR ass safe.

:thumb288608039: AND PROUD.

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Popcorn Buddy by Fawnspirit24
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Hyper Kitteh by Fawnspirit24
TR by Fawnspirit24
Characters with special background, etc. Pictures explain better.
Animated Avatars
Echoleaf by Fawnspirit24
Exix avatar by Fawnspirit24
Luna avatar complete by Fawnspirit24
50-80:points: depending on complexity
Still avatars
Molli Icon by Fawnspirit24
Icon for Knighteyes123 by Fawnspirit24
20-40:points: per avatar, depending on complexity.

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Blindowl943 Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2016
FrostyMiseryXx Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2015
Miss u :3 I'm so glad we are talking again 
Crayorable Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2015  Student General Artist

Hi, Fawn! I hope you still remember me, the founder of WarriorsGuidingStars ?
I realize that the group has been inactive for a damn long time, and I wanted to ask you if you would be willing to participate in the new reboot
We have two new ranks, Blacksmith, and Gem Collectors.
Blacksmiths forge our new armor and the Gem collectors collect the jewels that give us powers!
Obviously, there's some seriously new concepts working here, so there will be a minor redesign of somethings, but the basics are still the same. 
We will also be RPing on the DA Chatrooms which have already been set up.
If you're looking for a story, check out the new comic pages of the group, found in Gallery>Comics, this comic is showing the beginning of the world our cats live in, sort of like a prequel to the actual story, which will be guided by the admins, but the details are up to you!
Once the story begins, your characters could have the opportunity to actually be or star in the comics, and if you are more of a behind the scene kind of person, ask if you can help with the comic art or script, we would be happy to include you in the team!

Before I go, is there anything else you would like to see in the group that would convince you to give us another opportunity?
We would be honored if you would give the group another go!

★·.·´¯`·.·★ sтαғғ σғ ωgs ★·.·´¯`·.·★
Crayorable blitzwing-fan SuirenHime StarCatArtwork PauseForEpicEffect

----If you consider this spam or this notification offends you in any way, please accept our apologies and ignore the message.----

xDConcequencexD Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2014  Student General Artist
I have not gotten around to your commission.  I will probably be deactivating soon, and I feel really bad about leaving everyone who ordered something from me with nothing.  I am giving away most of my OC's to everyone who ordered something from me, and you get to pick 1 character if you would like, from anywhere in these folders:  If you do not pick anything and or reply to this soon, I will forget about your commission since I gave you the opportunity to get something in exchange for forgetting your commission your ordered from me.  Thank you. 
xDConcequencexD Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2014  Student General Artist
I'm not gonna be on dev for a long while..... @_@ I have no one to talk to on here..... I'm not gonna be on TTR either...... Well, talk to you in a couple months.
BurnTheEmpire Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2014
when ur cat joins u in te shower
Frgt10Kat-Adoptz Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2014
Thank you for the watch! ♥
Brand-The-Cat Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2014
Well this is depressing LOL you still haven;t watched me
Fawnspirit24 Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2014
Im never on this account anymore LOL
woop17 Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2014  Professional
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